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-- omnipotentDictator [OD] started pestering caligulasAquarium [CA] --

OD:sup eridan
CA: if you knoww wwhats good for you youll close out of this chat right noww
OD: No no, I swear to god I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. Don't hopesplode my computer or anything, or you'll totally regret it. Totally.
CA: wwill i
OD: Yeah dude! So you want to see your kismeshit within an inch of his life begging for mercy, right? Who wouldn't!
CA: wwhat
OD: Yeah, exactly.
OD: I can give you that AND more if you just you know
OD: tell me how to do it?
CA: wwhat makes you think I wwant to see my glubbin boyfriend hangin onto dear life
CA: and wwhy in this church and chapel laden wworld wwould i tell you
CA: you knoww the only reason your massivve gut isnt splayed open for all to see on prospit is because ivve been banned from harmin you
CA: if i showw my leader wwhat you just said
CA: howwevver
CA: he might lift it
OD: Uh, right.
OD: Nevermind.
CA: and if i evver see or hear you hittin on one a my quadrants or insultin them again i swwear to cod ill invvoke royalty privvileges and go abovve orders
OD: Yeah yeah go chow down on some fish sticks.
CA: fish sticks
OD: Oh wait, you never heard of fish sticks?
CA: wwhat are fish sticks
OD: You should know, you have one.
CA: i havve a science stick that powwerin up to blast you off your fuckin towwer
CA: howws that for a "fish stick"
OD: UGH you ruined it, good job.

-- omnipotentDictator [OD] stopped pestering caligulasAquarium [CA] --

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