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--omnipotentDictator [OD] started pestering incitedtoRiot [ITR]--

OD: Gregory, tell your fucking GRUNT to start LISTENING TO WHAT I TELL HIM.

OD: How are we supposed to fucking win this game if we can't even SHARE INTEL.

ITR: God, what.

ITR: I assume you mean Christophe?

ITR: Who, as I might point out, is not my grunt.

OD: I just learned a FUCKTON today and he won't even talk to me about the D--> Troll!

OD: And tell him you're NOT the Leader and that I am.

ITR: I am still not entirely convinced of your so-called leadership skills.

ITR: Thus far all you've managed to accomplish is a compromised memo, a points gun, and having your screen name hacked somehow.

OD: Guess who just found out about this BitchTits thing called "GrimDark" today?

ITR: I have no idea. Enlighten me.

OD: I also learned that the Trolls still don't know how to reach us, and that winning the Game really does mean getting your own Universe.

ITR: Wait, I was under the impression that it was a shared universe.

OD: As far as their Progress goes? They won't say much, but that tells me that they're not confident enough to give us anything.

OD: Theyre still scared of us.

ITR: One that we're supposed to benevolently rule over.

ITR: Well, either that or they're smarter than we are.

OD: Yeah our team, I think - but I don't think we're going to be sharing it with THEM.

OD: They're not SMARTER than us, Gregory. Who got to their Denizen first? Even though I wouldnt call Christophe "Smart"...

ITR: Honestly, I don't see what the big issue is with these people.

ITR: We should still be wary and alert, but thus far there's no reason to believe that they're conspiring against us or are even accessable.

OD: Well, they tried to kill us - or at least talked about it.

OD: What do you think those memos were?!

ITR: Idle threats.

OD: What if they take the Universe from us at the end?

ITR: What /actual/ damage have these aliens caused?

ITR: Be alert, don't share intel, but our prime objective should still be completing the game quickly.

ITR: Obviously.

OD: It's the long term Shit we have to be worried about. The Leader Troll today was talking about LEAVING us here in the Server to ROT.

ITR: Where was this?

OD: Don't tell me what I already know what to do.


ITR: I'll tell you whatever I want, so long as you continue to act obtuse.

ITR: Hold on.

OD: Obtuse? I'm the one ACTUALLY GETTING SHIT from them.

OD: That's how you do it! You act all dumb and "obtuse" and then they slip.

OD: And then you find out about "Grimdark" mode and how to link directly to the Old Gods.

ITR: Right, and I'm the one actually working on advancing my skills and working toward the seventh ring.

ITR: God.

ITR: Fine, what is grimdark then.

ITR: Since you're so fucking insistant upon it.

OD: Apparently its a Way to siphen powers directly from the Horrorterrors.

OD: Kennys already digging into their shit on Derse.. and I say we let him continue.

OD: Oh and the "Highbloods" are unstable.

OD: Which I think we should also use against them.

ITR: The higbloods are the ruling class, correct?

OD: Yes.

OD: Duh, "High"Bloods.

ITR: The arrow troll indicated that they live in a highly classist and biased society, whereas the purple typer indicated that this was formerly the case but their band is newly reformed.

OD: Wait, really?

OD: Their leader doesn't even type in a color.

OD: I wonder if this has anything to do with that.

OD: The arrow troll is also dumb enough to give us gifts so...

OD: he'd obviously bias or something.

OD: When did you talk to them?

ITR: Last week or so. The purple one seemed adamant about giving us information about the quest beds.

OD: You mean God Tier?

ITR: However he didn't supply any additional specifics aside from what we already knew regarding god tier. And furthermore I have no fucking idea why he thought I would blindly go along with anything he said.

ITR: Either they're attempting to extend an oliver branch, or there are some sort of ulterior motives infolved.

ITR: Fine, God Tier. Whatever.

ITR: Yes, that.

OD: It's not like them to be peaceful, I mean what did the Leader say

OD: something along the lines of having a Dozen trolls raised for this sort of gameplay.

OD: I mean we're OBVIOUSLY going to reach God Tier.

OD: Kenny's probably going to go First.

OD: Or Christophe, he's died before, right?

OD: And why the fuck did he go to YOU about this

OD: I swear to God Gregory, if you're pulling shit behind my back.

ITR: Wow, fuck you.

ITR: First, who the hell are you to decide for people who is going to risk suicide?

OD: How about the fucking person who's already adept at it?!

ITR: Second, fuck you once again. Christophe's injuries aren't a fucking invitation for murder.

ITR: Why don't you actually /ask/ then what he wants to do?

OD: No, fucker, its that he's almost THERE and hes not afraid of Death anyway.

OD: He doesn't respond to me!

ITR: 'Playing' the part of a leader doesn't simply mean you order people around, idiot.

ITR: Who, Kenny?

OD: He APPARENTLY only responds to you.

ITR: So fucking message Stan.

ITR: Wait. Christophe?


ITR: Oh.

ITR: Where is he?

OD: Like FUCK I know! Apparently KNOCKING ON HIS DENIZENS FUCKING DOOR for all I know.

ITR: Well fuck.



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